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xxxx Honda VTX xxxxc, New Battery, new Metzeler marathon rubber, new fork seals with new fork oil NOT JUST HYDRAULIC FLUID, all hydraulic fluid flushed and filled with dot 4 "Clutch and brakes", new brakes front and rear, anti-freeze flush and filled, fresh engine oil change "Mobil one Vtwin" new bearings in rear wheel, wouldn't drop a back wheel without replacing a set of 10 dollar bearings, drive shaft oil changed with RedLine gear lube. I put the 200/70 on back instead of the 180 because I like a little wider tire on the back. 23,000 miles. The bike is ready to ride without having to worry about doing anything but adding what you want. They make so many things to fit these bikes its unreal, from windjammers on Ebay for 250 bucks to floorboards. Just about anything you want to add to make the bike yours. I try my best to make a motorcycle as safe as I possibly can because I ride as well. Have all of my life and I am 58 years young. Retired tooling engineer and I like working on motorcycles so the work has been don't right!!! Cant say that about some dealers who don't care what they put a person on as long as they make the sale. No PayPal. I have people calling wanting my PayPal info and I just do not give that out. Cash only please. I have ridden this bike around some to make sure everything is correct. I have receipts for all of the new parts, and a clear green title.